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In June of 2007 the Lee County Detention Facility moved its operations to the newly constructed W.S. “Buck” Jones Detention Center. Utilizing the existing jail, the capacity of the current facility increased to 420 inmates. Also beginning in June ’07 the Lee County Detention Facility became the only operating jail facility in Lee County. The cities of Auburn and Opelika have closed their facilities and all their inmates are now housed in the county jail. We are currently averaging some 380 inmates per day up from an average of 275 inmates per day. Through a dedicated staff the Lee County Detention Facility is considered to be one of the most efficient jails in the southeast.

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Inmate Property and General Information

Approved personal property for inmates of the Lee County Detention Center will be accepted in the Detention Center visitation lobby. Male inmates who have been in the Detention Center seven days or less are allowed three pair of plain white underwear, three pair of plain white socks, three plain white tee shirts, two pair of thermal tops and bottoms and one pair of plain white tennis shoes. In addition to the articles listed above, female inmates who have been in the Detention Center seven days or less are allowed three plain white bras (no wires). Any inmate who has been in the Detention Center more than seven days must purchase these items through the jail commissary.

Regardless of how long an inmate has been in the Detention Center, he/she may receive one Bible or Koran.

Televisions of up to a 13″ screen are accepted only if the owner donates the television to the Lee County Detention Center. Donors of televisions are advised that, upon donation, televisions immediately become the property of the Lee County Detention Center and are not the assigned personal property of any inmate of the Detention Center.

Inmates are allowed to purchase commissary once a week. Funds may deposited into the inmates account using one of the following three options:

  1. Via kiosks located in the lobby of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office located at 1900 Frederick Road Opelika, Alabama 36801
  2. Direct phone access by dialing 1-404-891-0641
  3. Website deposit by clicking Here

A copy of the inmate handbook that is given to every inmate is available here:  inmate-handbook


Video visitation is the system the Lee County Detention Center uses to conduct inmate visitation. The inmate, who is at a remote location, and you, the vistor, will sit at a video station consisting of a monitor, camera and receiver. Your visit will last 30 minutes and you will be given a two minute warning of the time your visit will end. Inmates are allowed one visit per week.

If you wish to see an inmate, you must arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of the inmate’s visit. Anyone arriving after the visit has started will not be allowed to see the inmate unless the inmate is being seen by someone else and there is an available slot for you to sign in.

Visitors will not be allowed to “swap” visits with another person, meaning the first four people who sign in to see an inmate will be the only four allowed to see this inmate for that day. Visitors who have not signed up to see an inmate will not be allowed past the front desk. There will be no pocket books or purses allowed beyond the front desk. Food and drinks will not be permitted.

An inmate’s visitation time is determined by the area of the Detention Center he or she is being housed in at the time of the visit. The inmate is allowed only four visitors per visit, including children, and all visitors must have a picture ID to be allowed to visit. All children who do not have a picture ID or school ID must have a social security card or birth certificate present before entering. Visiting times will not be changed and no inmate will be allowed to have a visit on any other time except his/her regular visit time.

Contact visits between inmate and visitor are prohibited.

1900 Frederick Road
Opelika, AL 36803-0688
(334) 749-5651

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