Lee County Investigations

The Investigations Division is assigned the duty of determining the facts in reported incidents by collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and gathering incident specific information to establish if a criminal act has occurred. If facts support that a crime has been committed, the division’s focus shifts to identifying a suspect and apprehending the person or persons responsible. All information collected is then prepared in the form of a case file that is submitted to the Lee County District Attorney’s Office for review by a grand jury. The members of the grand jury are charged with the task of determining if the case should continue to a court of law for trial.

Protecting your home and property

Secure all doors and windows
Install a home surveillance system to monitor your home
When you're away, leave a few lights on inside the home
Have someone you trust to keep a regular check of your property

Working Together & Fighting Crime

Report criminal and suspicious activity
Stay updated on the reported crimes in your area
If something doesn't seem right, then something isn't right

Agency Contact Information

Lee County Sheriff’s Office
1900 Frederick Rd
Opelika, AL 36801

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