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Jun 20, 2013

Recently, the Lee County Sheriff's Office participated in an alternative fuels road show with one of the ten propane ran Crown Victorias in our fleet. The event was sponsored by the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition. The following is a short release on what alternative fuels are and what the road show accomplished:
Those interested in cheaper, cleaner, domestic fuels
got a chance to learn more about one of the most popular
The Propane Autogas Road Show took place at the Alabama Department of
Agriculture and Industries. The event featured presentations and panel
discussions, as well as ride and drive opportunities in propane fueled
Partnering on the event were the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition and the
Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program.“Many people may think of their grills when they think of propane, but it is
actually the most widely used alternative transportation fuel in the world,”
said Mark Bentley, executive director of the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition.
“Propane Autogas is a safe and reliable fuel that is produced domestically,
creates American jobs, and offers economic and environmental b
Among the advantages of propane Autogas: It produces 24 percent fewer
harmful greenhouse gasses, and the cleaner burning fuel also means lower
maintenance costs for vehicles. Another key benefit is the purchase price,
with Autogas typically costing 30 percent to 40 percent less than gasoline.
Propane fuels about 17 million vehicles worldwide, including about 270,000
in the United States. In Alabama, it is becoming increasingly popular among
public and private fleet managers who have chosen to s
witch to vehicles that run solely on propane or to bifuel vehicles that are capable of being operated on propane or gasoline.
John McMillan, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and
Industries, said his agency’s own experience with propane made it a perfect
venue for the Road Show.“We are excited to host this event,” Commissioner McMillan said. “The department is very supportive of using propane fuels in vehicles; in fact, we have been using LP fuel in several of our fleet vehicles for almost five years now. We have been extremely pleased with the performance while also saving money a true win win.”
 Other propane users can be found across Alabama:
Schwan’s Home Services,a national food company that
is currently using propane to fuel its trucks in Montgomery, Huntsville and Dothan;Lewis Pest Control in Thomasville; the
Lee County sheriff’s office; and the city of Mobile.In addition, the City of Vestavia Hills has converted 14 of its Ford Crown
Victoria gasoline powered police cars to propane Autogas bifuel vehicles.
Asa result, it has reduced fuel costs by an average of $1.20 per gallon, which
translates to savings of as much as $25,000 a year. Vestavia Hills also has
converted some of its commercial gasoline lawnmowers to propane,
which is another popular use for this alternative fuel.
To learn more about propane as an alternative transportation fuel visit
the Alternative Fuels Data Center at