Probable Cause Hearings (48 Hour) & Initial Appearance Hearings (72 Hour)

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Beginning September 1, 2017:

  • ALL warrants (including traffic, misdemeanor, and felony) should be sworn in within 48 hours of issue/arrest. Magistrates have agreed  to work extra hours during the week to assist officers in  executing warrants.   Please try  to stay within these hours for victim and officer executed warrants unless the  charge is a Class A or B Felony or a charge that would require immediate attention. If the victim cannot come during office hours or the extra magistrate hours, the investigating officer may  need to execute the warrant instead.
  • Sunday hearings (and Saturday hearings scheduled on 3-day weekends) also serve as  an  opportunity for officers to get warrants sworn in rather than  testify at the IF YOU NEED WARRANTS SWORN ON SUNDAYS, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO LEECOUNTYMAGISTRATE@GMAIL.COM TO MAKE SURE THAT SOMEONE WILL BE AVAILABLE. If no defendants require a Probable Cause or Initial Appearance hearing, the magistrate may not plan to come to the Sheriff’s Office unless warrants need to be sworn to. The magistrate will only stay for the amount of time it takes to prepare  for and  conduct  the  hearings or execute warrants.
  • FRIDAY ARRESTS: Warrants for Friday arrests should be done as soon as possible, preferably on Friday prior to the clerk’s office closing. If the warrantless arrest occurs Friday after office hours, the warrant can be sworn to during the magistrate hours on Sunday.
  • Immediately upon arrest, please email a copy of all executed warrants to LEECOUNTYMAGISTRATE@GMAIL.COM .  Make sure that all original warrant(s) are brought to the Clerk’s Office.
  • The Sheriff’s Office is going to search for outstanding warrants AT THE TIME OF THE DEFENDANT’S BOOKING. Any outstanding warrants will be served on the Defendant at that time (as opposed to at the time of the defendant’s release), and the originals should be returned to the Clerk’s Office as soon as possible but  no later than the 48 hour deadline.  If the Clerk’s Office is closed, email a copy of the executed warrant to LEECOUNTYMAGISTRATE@GMAIL.COM
  • Magistrates and court personnel will no longer call law enforcement agencies for specific warrants that are needed for hearings. If a warrant is not executed within 48 hours of arrest or the officer is not in attendance at the hearing, the defendant will likely be released on an RO bond or given the lowest possible bond amount, pursuant to the Rules of Criminal Procedure.