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The Yellow Dot is now in Lee County!


Sign Up is free to anyone.

We encourage everyone in Lee County to take advantage of this wonderful program.  It takes only a few minutes to get signed up or you can do it at your leisure.  This important program could save your or someone's life during that "Golden Hour" following an accident.  Now we all hope and pray that none of us are ever involved in an accident but we also know that they happen.  This program provides information that may be critical to your care to the first responders.  There is no age limit for this program and we are asking that ALL citizens of Lee County sign up.  A list of sign up stations can be found on this site.  We are also available to come to your group meetings to talk about the program and we can sign people up while we are there.

One very important thing to note about this program, no information on any individual is collected or stored anywhere.  You fill out all the vital information and you maintain it.  The thing that we ask is that you "sign in" when joining the program and this is only for us to keep track of the number of people that have signed up.