Pistol Permits

In addition to remote on-line application, you may also apply on-line via kiosk at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office located at 1900 Frederick Road Opelika, Alabama.

This application is for a general class non-restrictive concealed carry permit. It covers concealed carry of a handgun and does not require the licensee to carry a specific firearm.

Please read the following before applying for a permit:
1. You can only apply for a permit in the county where you live, therefore you must be a resident of Lee County before you can apply for a permit with this office.
2. You are not required to have a permit for a rifle or shotgun.
3. Once the application has been submitted, please allow 30 business days for it to be processed. You should call the Sheriff’s Office at (334) 737-7107 M-F 8am to 5pm CST to inquire on the status of your application.
4. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a permit.
5. Permits can be issued up to five years at a time.
6. The Sheriff’s Office accepts most forms of payment. If paying in person, we can accept cash (correct change please), check, or money orders. Debit / Credit cards are accepted but the payment must be completed through our website.


Permits may be picked up Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm CST.

The cost of a pistol permit is $20.00 for anyone age 18 to 59. The cost for persons age 60 or over is $15.00.

Concealed Carry Firearms Permits Information Disclosure Policy:
It is the policy of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to maintain the privacy of all individuals who hold a concealed carry firearms permit issued by the Sheriff of Lee County. Records concerning information on concealed carry firearms permits are considered confidential and are not released to the public.

1900 Frederick Road
Opelika, AL 36803-0688
(334) 749-5651

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