Training Division

The Training Division develops, schedules and presents law enforcement training for sworn officers and civilian employees. Our instructors are seasoned professionals and subject matter experts in their respective fields.

Annual training in the areas of firearms, defensive tactics, use of force, domestic violence and other topics are provided to the Deputies to improve their performance on the street and to better serve the citizens of Lee County.

The Training Division is under the direction of Major Jeff Pitts and FTO Deputy Ray Smith. The Sheriff’s office has several in-house instructors assigned to other divisions that are called upon as needed.

“Excellence through Training”


November the 29th and 30th, 2017 – Training Description: Much publicity has been given to the ISIS inspired attacks in Orlando, Philadelphia, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, and Garland, TX. What is not widely known are the numerous ISIS motivated attacks against police officers by “independent jihadists” in New York City, Columbus, OH, Canon City, CO, Boston, MA and Minneapolis/St. Paul. As serious as these cases are, they conceal far greater threats to America. Because of political correctness and the insistence of the Muslim Brotherhood, all training of federal law enforcement officers and members of the military has been totally purged of references to the nexus between Islam and domestic jihadist terrorism, while the subversive activities of the Muslim Brotherhood to “destroy America from within” proceed unnoticed and unchecked by officials duty bound to protect us. Once again local law enforcement finds itself in the middle of a uniquely difficult situation, facing new legal and social challenges inherent to policing in a free society. This two day, 16 hour training course is for law enforcement only. Registration for this class closes November the 20th, 2017.  For more information and to register for this class click HERE

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