Uniform Division

For Lee County, uniformed patrol deputies are the most visible symbols of county government. These dedicated men and women devote their energies to protecting and serving the citizens of Lee County through “routine patrol”. Services provided by the Uniformed Division take many forms, like the service of civil processes, service of warrants, victim assistance, traffic control, taking reports and making arrests. Deputies also work to build community confidence by showing that the presence of uniformed deputies can and does make a difference in the rural parts of the county.

Lee County is divided into four geographical areas by the Sheriffs Office and deputies are assigned accordingly. Currently the Patrol Division works a 12-hour shift with 4 days on and 4 days off that allows deputies to concentrate their efforts in the areas to which they are assigned and to get to know the citizens and business owners within those areas. There are 6 deputies, a lieutenant, sergeant, and corporal assigned to each shift that patrol 609 square miles each day. There is an over-lapping shift each day to handle calls that might come in during the changing of the shifts thereby providing continuous 24/7 coverage of Lee County. The Patrol Division is commanded by a Captain and 4 Lieutenants who are on call 24 hours a day in case of emergency.


Reserve Deputies

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is supported in its day to day operations by a very dedicated group of individuals that comprise the Reserve Deputy Division. Currently we have 40 individuals that donate their time and effort in assisting the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. This unit is made up of a wide variety of individuals; to include college students, business owners, retirees and many others. The Reserve Deputy Division falls under the command of Captain Craig Meadows. Captain Meadows oversees the day to day operations of the unit and works with a reserve commander picked from within the ranks of the reserves.

Reserves are responsible for working many details falling under the jurisdiction of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Without these dedicated men and women it would not be possible to cover the many requests we receive requesting security. They also provide an invaluable service to the Patrol Division by supplying additional personnel in the patrol cars. Reserve deputies are encouraged to ride with the deputies as often as possible, thereby adding additional personnel which greatly enhances our patrol capabilities.

When positions are available, we encourage anyone interested in volunteering to please apply. Many of our current employees started off as a reserve deputy and then decided to become a full-time deputy. Please check the links on the left side of this page to find additional information.

Currently all of our reserve positions are filled and we are not accepting any new applications. Please check back often to see if a position has become available.

School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a full time Deputy assigned to work within the Lee County School System. Their mission is to help provide a safe learning environment for our children and school facility.

All SRO’s are trained and certified through the National Association of School Resource Officers. They receive training at both the Basic and Advance schools. They are trained first responders in the event of an emergency.

The SRO also teaches classes such as DUI Awareness, Gang Awareness and Drug Awareness & Resistance.

The SRO’s work to stop violence in the schools and investigate those who engage in criminal activity. Together with the Lee County School staff and administration, the School Resource Officers are making a difference.

K-9 Division

Lee County Sheriff’s Office K-9 division has three working K-9 teams and one Lieutenant supervisor, Deputy Lee Fleming and his K-9 partner”Roy”, Corporal Andrea Fox and her K-9 partner”Abby”, Deputy Stanley Wilson and his K-9 partner “Smoke” and our newest addition, School Resource Officer Rob Alexander and his partner “Charlie”. Each K-9 has his own specialty, but are all used as multi-purpose K-9s.

Transport Division

The Transport Division is responsible for the transportation of inmates, juveniles and mental patients to and from different facilities across the State of Alabama. During an average month the deputies assigned to this division may travel more than 6000 miles and have even topped 8000 miles on several different occasions. Having deputies assigned to this division eliminates the practice of using deputies on patrol duty to perform transports which pull them away from their patrol areas. This allows for an increased law-enforcement presence to citizens in rural Lee county.

Currently there are 3 deputies assigned to the Transport Division with the unit commanded by a captain and a sergeant. They are responsible for the coordination and pickup of individuals throughout the state. The deputies within this unit are trained in the safe transport of individuals to insure that the deputies and the individuals they are transporting reach their destination safely.

When the deputies are not busy doing transports they assist the other divisions with court security, civil service and patrol duties.


In the year 2000 Sheriff Jay Jones along with the Chiefs of police from the cities of Auburn and Opelika got together and decided to combine their resources and formed the “Lee County SWAT Team”. This county wide tactical unit comprises officers from the two cities as well as the Sheriff’s Office with each department responsible for the personnel it places on the team. In its inception, the county wide team was commanded by Captain Steve Meadows and since his retirement it has been decided that the role of the commander would rotate from department to department each year. The Sheriff or the Chief whose jurisdiction the team is operating in has the ultimate authority over the team during an on-going operation.

The county wide team trains two days a month with each department assigned days that they are responsible for the training. It is the responsibility of each department to have their personnel available to attend training. In addition, each department is responsible for outfitting their personnel with any equipment or uniforms that are needed.

The SWAT team is used primarily in the service of felony warrants and search warrants. When the Sheriff’s Office or the police department decides that a warrant is to be served, a call is put out to each agency to see how many members are available at the time needed. The team is then put together based on the availability from each department and an overall commander is picked by the agency requesting the assistance. Once the mission is completed or if an un-forseen problem occurs, it is the responsibility of the individual team members to contact their supervisors to let them know what is going on and then that information is passed up the chain of command within each agency.

The county wide SWAT team is also joined by members of the medical community. Several local paramedics are also members of the SWAT team and provide emergency care to the officers/deputies if needed. These paramedics donate their time and efforts to this cause to insure that any team member that is injured has prompt medical care. A paramedic is included in all training and callouts if possible. The Sheriff’s Office along with each police department provided each member of the medical staff with protective gear to be used during tactical operations.

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