Law Enforcement Careers

Public Safety & Service

Employment Opportunities and Benefits

Deputy Sheriff

Cpl Keith Oshel

$42,500.30 – $64,175.46

Must complete a 14 week (520 hour) A.P.O.S.T.C. Training Program

Correction Deputy


$36,713.36 – $55,437.17

Must complete a 3 week Jail Management Training Program

Benefits of Becoming a Deputy Sheriff and a Correction Deputy

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has competitive benefits that include:

Competitive Salary

Paid Holidays

Paid Annual and Sick Leave

On-site gym facility

Alabama Retirement Savings Plan

Optional participation in a deferred compensation plan

Opportunity for Advancement

Medical/Dental and Life Insurance

Take home Vehicle if you reside in Lee County (Deputies)

Educational Assistance eligible after 6 months of full time employment

Deputy Sheriff Requirements:                                                                                Correction Deputy Requirements:

21 years of age or older                                                                                                            19 years of age or older

An accredited high school diploma or GED                                                                        An accredited high school diploma or GED

Pass a Criminal Background Check                                                                                       Pass a Criminal Background Check

Pass a Background Investigation                                                                                           Pass a Background Investigation

Honorably discharged from the military, if applicable                                                      Honorable discharge from the military, if applicable

Pass a drug screening                                                                                                                Pass a drug screening

Pass a physical ability/agility test                                                                                           Pass a physical agility test

Available to work shift hours/weekends/holidays                                                              Available to work shift hours/weekends/holidays

Valid driver’s license with a good driver’s history                                                                  Valid driver’s license with a good driver’s history

Good communication skills both oral and written                                                             Good communication skills both oral and written

Any applicant who has not earned an Associates Degree

or higher from an accredited college or university will be

required to complete a APOSTC approved Basic Ability Test (BAT)

What does the Physical Agility/Ability Test consist of?                                What does the Physical Agility Test consist of?

Push Car 15 feet                                                                                                                        Push Car 15 feet

Climb a 6 foot wall or chain link fence                                                                                 Climb a 6 foot wall or chain link fence

Crawl through a window                                                                                                         Crawl through a window

Walk balance beam                                                                                                                  Walk a balance beam

Pull/drag 165lb dummy 15 feet                                                                                              Pull/drag 165lb dummy 15 feet

22 push-ups in 1 minute                                                                                                         * Test must be completed in 2 minutes

                         25 sit-ups in 1 minute

Run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes and 28 seconds

If you would like to be a part of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office team, you can apply……

In person…… Lee County Sheriff’s Office

               1900 Frederick Road

            Opelika, AL 36801


or visit the Alabama Career Center

Applications will only be accepted for POSTED positions and must be received by the closing date!

Resumes will not be accepted unless accompanied by an application!

Applications may be printed and mailed to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at the above address.

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